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Anyway I will try to investigate the issue but it will take time.   Also there can be some problem with color logo of hsrminer, some managers (for example NiceHashMinerLegacy) scans miner s output during benchmark and it seems that it can t handle color codes and just kills miner process. It can be some bug during options parsing, I will try to reproduce it on my rig. What options from ccminer would you like to be added to this fork. any way to get sniffdogminer to use this instead of ccminer klaust. Awesome Miner works fine with my fork, I just need to tune threads and hwinfo commands some more, so they will show fan rpm. Option -a (--algo) will work in new version of my fork, but for obvious reasons only for compatibility, because algo will be always =neoscrypt. Thanks, Can you please provide full cmd line you are using (just remove wallet/pass). even the dev says to run it at your own risk and not put your wallet on the same computer.

Try it after I will release new version and feedback please. I am also a newbie, and i am also using this fork. very suspicious full of newbie member giving feedbacks I think there are a lot of new miners. Crashing quietly on the rest of the machines and throwing access violation exception in event log. After some hours of mining with expected hashrate i see decreases of hashrate.   i have 1450 kH/s and after some hours it s decrease to 1300-1380. Advertised sites are not endorsed by the Bitcoin Forum bitcoin api hashrate. --api-bind=4000 instead of -b 4000 (Then we can use it for NiceHashMinerLegacy :-) Ok, long parameters can be added bitcoin api hashrate. sure, for now i only observe the development No ASIC.

I ve created managed miner, pool, set miner s pool to just created one and started miner - no problem, miner ran just fine. I m already doing very hard work - add missing options/features to binary file of hsrminer. --api-bind=4000 instead of -b 4000 (Then we can use it for NiceHashMinerLegacy :-) Make API fully compatible with Ccminer, also allow long parameters with --paramname=value, e.Syscoin.
. So if you have any suspicions, try my fork on mining rig without any sensitive info/wallets/etc, block it in firewall except pool you are going to mine to. As for crashes, can you provide more info. From quick look at NHML source code, it uses API command summary - do you need full ccminer-compatibility with this command. More info please, OS version, AV on/off, cmd line parameters you are using. .Litecoin.


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